is committed to supplying high-quality crop storage facilities in the form of ‘Geodesic domes’ to farmers, while joining a nationwide initiative as to how to facilitate a farmer from sowing to harvesting. Thus, ‘easy selling’ which would result in gain of better prices. We are looking at building a system which is a process enabler for the agriculture sector. !!

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An introductoryResearch

In India, one of the reasons for wastage of food is that grains are not moved out of the warehouses in time and distributed.

Due to this inefficiency massive quantities of grains are wasted each year. 1.06 Lac tonnes of wheat under the custody of State Government Agencies in Haryana and Punjab was damaged in 2012. If we assume a family needs 30Kg of wheat for a month, this quantity of wheat would have fed 1 lakh families for 3 years.

Each year the production of food in India is about double the storage capacity that we have thus leading to severe strain on the FCI storage facilities. This leads to the use of extremely poor storage facilities- such as storing grains in the open, susceptible to damage due to rain, floods and rat infestation.