is committed to supplying high-quality crop storage facilities in the form of ‘Geodesic domes’ to farmers, while joining a nationwide initiative as to how to facilitate a farmer from sowing to harvesting. Thus, ‘easy selling’ which would result in gain of better prices. We are looking at building a system which is a process enabler for the agriculture sector. !!

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High PriceFluctuations

  • Generally farmer have the number of few traders and confirms the price with them.
  • Traders collude with each other to maintain information asymmetry.
  • Traders cheat in weight.
  • Small quantity of produce have low bargaining power.
  • Price Variation of Maize & Wheat.
  • Price updates on mobile phone thrice in a week.
  • Warehouse facility for the farmers.
  • Grading and sorting facility which ensure best for particular grade.