is committed to supplying high-quality crop storage facilities in the form of ‘Geodesic domes’ to farmers, while joining a nationwide initiative as to how to facilitate a farmer from sowing to harvesting. Thus, ‘easy selling’ which would result in gain of better prices. We are looking at building a system which is a process enabler for the agriculture sector. !!

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R. Buckminster Fuller, a famous researcher and innovator spent much of the early 20th Century looking for ways to improve human shelter. After acquiring some experience in the building industry, Fuller carefully examined, and improved, interior structure equipment. He invented a structure that was efficient in storage and shelter, strong and durable.

We turned this to an efficient structure for crop storage. A grid of micro-warehouses will be setup based on the shape of geodesic domes. The storage capacity would be around 80 metric tonnes. Such warehouses when supplied to farmers would not only cater to their storage problems but also ensure them a good quality solution. Also they would be linked to other government schemes and benefit from them directly through us.